In February 1990, a group of parents, grandparents and residents recognized the need for a town playground and organized themselves into the Sherborn Playground Committee. Over the next three years, the group worked tirelessly to identify a space for the new playground, raise money through various community-based events, and design a wonderful space for all children to use. In May of 1993, the current playground was built – with the help of many, many dedicated Sherborn volunteers.

The playground has entertained the young residents of Sherborn and neighboring towns beautifully for decades. The equipment – divided into two distinct play spaces for toddlers and older children – is unique and challenging, and the playground’s secluded, scenic location provides a restful setting for families and friends to gather.

Unfortunately, the New England winters have not been kind to the aging wooden structures, and the equipment is falling into dangerous disrepair. It is time to rebuild…and to re-imagine what this space could be for Sherborn kids today – and for decades to come!

We are in the last and most exciting phase of the project. Build Week is October 20th-25th and we urge you to get involved, join the fun, and support this community-building project!

Our Vision for the rebuild

When this project began in the fall of 2013, we envisioned a renovated play space appropriate for children of all ages and abilities, featuring innovative equipment that encourages kids to get outside, get moving and get dirty! The new playground, to be housed within the current boundaries of the existing playground, will feature a design unique to Sherborn, celebrating our rich agricultural history – complete with Farm Pond Steamboat, a treehouse, a farm stand, a barn, and more.

There are four main priorities behind the new space:

Inclusion/Access for ALL
Designing smooth ground surfaces, ramps, ground-level play for those with mobility issues, offering sensory-focused equipment.

Ageless Play
Creating a space that appeals to all children — not just toddlers and preschoolers. Offering equipment (climbing net, monkey bars, group swing) that will challenge and engage children 8+ as much as the youngest children.

Celebration of Green Space and Healthy Living
Honoring Sherborn’s history of, and continued commitment to, preservation by designing a space with a focus on green/recycled building materials that will compliment the natural space…and reminding families how much fun there is to be had outdoors!

Enhancing Our Community
Building a safe, fun, clean and engaging space for residents and friends of all ages to gather…to watch their children play or participate in a community event. We envision this space being able to accommodate concerts, outdoor movies, parties, and more.