The magic of a community build

A reflection on the Play by Design community build in Truro, MA:

“The value of “built by community” became clear during the five days of construction. The first day, 35 volunteers came out. The second day, we had 100. The third day, 200 people wanted to be involved. The fourth and fifth days, we had over 500 volunteers, a staggering number in a town of just over 2,000 residents. Thanks to the organization we had developed over the year, and Dave and Lee’s effective supervision, we were able to keep all those folks working, and working together.
Dave and Lee changed our town. They helped us imagine a place of magic, then provided the skills, information, and energy to build it. For five days, neighbors worked together and became friends, building a playground we could never have dreamed of without their help–or afforded without the genius of a community build. Even today, folks talk about the fun they had during the project–and delight in taking their children and grandchildren to Puma Park to enjoy what we all built together.

I can’t recommend Play by Design highly enough. They are extraordinary men, and our entire community is in their debt.”

Curtis Hartman
General Coordinator, Puma Park, Truro, MA

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